Freelance and keep 100% of the profit. No middle man to eat into your earnings.
Or, look for a service provider locally, and across the world.

Make some noise and get the work you deserve.You know you are good at what you do. All that’s needed is getting yourself out there.


Millions of people have lost their jobs, but, together we will prevail. FreelancElf’s purpose is to facilitate your ability to offer freelance services and to be found. Best of all, it’s free. Link your social media to us and help the community to grow. If you are looking for qualified help, this is the place as well. We won't stay between the buyer and seller. Communicate with each other either protected through our system or, exchange contact information freely. Work with each other to make the future bright again.
In good company
Need a reliable driver? A talented programmer? Or, an SEO expert? FreelancElf connects you with the freelancer and small business you need. And, since we don’t take a financial bite out of the equation, everybody wins. Starting a new business just got a bit easier. From logo design to technical help, freelancers are at your call from around the world.